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Dwayne D'Andrea was born and raised in Castlegar and has been fishing the Columbia River for over 35 years.

We are a West Kootenay fly fishing guide company established back in the early 90's and proud to say the first fly fishing company located in Southern British Columbia specializing on the Columbia and Slocan rivers. While we guide you on these great systems, you receive the benefits of fishing unclassified waters - therefore no daily fees, unlike the classified St. Marry's and Elk rivers to the East of us. This will lead you to substantial savings on extended stays.

We do it right because we grew up on the river and live in the immediate area, unlike our competitors that live out of the area, who have a great interest of adding new waters to their operating plan. Thus taking them further away from their home waters, not to mention the challenge of learning new techniques on a new river system.

Mountain Valley Sports Fishing has been host to many fly fishing shows, such as Sport Fishing On The Fly, Sports Fishing B.C. and the New Fly Fisher, and also a feature article in the well known Fly Fisherman magazine.